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About Us

Taste is not born , it is created , it is delivered , it is relished


The journey began in 1930 , with a sole aim of spreading the fragnance of sweetness in the lives of people. Many hurdles , many people, many plans came on the way. But, Mr Rajesh Gupta was dedicated and determined to accomplish the aim of providing the best and pure delicacies and finally MAHAPADAM  SWEETS  was inaugurated in September, 2012, with the blessings and inspirations from SETH RANGILAL , his grandfather and a distinguished personality of his time. 


Flourishing and spreading the sweetness of various laddoos, meethaies, gulab jamuns, raj-bhog, rasmalai and much more ; all served with the same purity and freshness ; MAHAPADAM SWEETS enjoys the love of people and welcomes one and all , in it is Sweets Shop and Restaurant, expanded in an 19,000 sq. ft.


Guided by the strong ethical and moral Indian Values, Mr Rajesh Gupta, has deep interest and passion for serving the best to his customers. May be that's the reason why the visitors are welcomed by the various fishes on one side and the sweets on the other side, in his regal outlet : a unique epitome of purity and freshness, blending the pure taste of village with the exuberance of city life!!!


With the paradigm गुणवत्ता ही हमारा स्वाभिमान है, Pista kaju ladoo, Til k ladoo, Mixed Nuts Pista Ladoo, Dry fruit ladoo, Coconut Ghee ladoo, apple sweets, Gulkand Pedha, Fruit Barfi, Ghee mohan thaal, strawberry sweets, Kaju kismis Barfi, Pista Barfi, are some of the exclusive and featured items prepared by the Mahapadam Sweets..


All sweets categorized as kaju barfi, kaju barfi combo,  Mewa Good, Syrupy Sweets, Royal temptations, Laddoo, Traditional Sweets, Sugarfree Sweets, and much more are all waiting for you!!!!


Besides the traditional and special sweets, various Namkeens and packaged cold drinks, chocolate, chips are all available , making MAHAPADAM  SWEETS  a complete store to cater the needs of Lucknowites.